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Zisl Edelson, Attorney at Law


My attorney, Zisl Edelson, provided me with excellent guidance for my estate plan, and related financial matters.  She is a great trouble shooter and has been adept at spotting and solving problems I didn't even know I had. Ms. Edelson is also a kind and caring person.  

Ms. Edelson made the estate planning process enjoyable, even though it was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do. I knew I had to finally take care of it and get it done for my children.  Zisl made the estate planing process much easier than I ever thought it would be.  I'm so glad I finally stopped procrastinating and got my estate plan done. 

​C.E., Chicago, Illinois


Outstanding experience! I worked with Zisl Edelson to formulate a new and updated will. She was sensitive, compassionate and wonderful to work with-as well as intelligent and educational. She gently made suggestions for wording any bequests to my children in kinder ways to avoid any implied favoritism. I really appreciated her input which we implemented in the document. The end result was professional and easy to understand. The pain of losing a mother is difficult enough without a child feeling any guilt regarding anything remaining from her lifetime. I appreciate the time and effort she gave me to gather information and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Carol B., Chicago, IL


Attorney, Zisl Edelson is kind, efficient, and easy to work with, as well as highly proficient and knowledgeable.  Although I had previously consulted other estate planning attorneys, Ms. Edelson was the first attorney to identify and explain why, in addition to a  Will and Powers of Attorney, I also needed a Revocable Living Trust to avoid probate and a Special Needs Trust to protect  my adult child with disabilities.  She adeptly handled some thorny legal and family issues, and in the course of her estate planning advice took a broader perspective which helped me to identify and get out of a shaky real estate investment.  

 All her work was done on time and at a fair price. She encouraged questions, and was always available by phone and email, even though the price of her work was a set flat rate  (rather than time based). Her explanation of my estate plan was very clear, and she made sure I was comfortable with all of the documents.  I was very pleased with Zisl's knowledge of estate planning and special needs trusts and her professionalism. 

C.A., Skokie, Illinois

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL:  Dear Zisl,  Thanks so much for your wonderful work and all you did to help when my husband's Parkinsons progressed to the point where I could no longer care for him by myself. Just today I was reading about what to do when your loved one has to go to a nursing home and the first thing it said was to hire an elder lawyer. I'm so glad I found you . . . you took care of everything, including contacting the financial adviser, and helping my husband find a bed in a nursing home. You were always there for me. You are so thorough in your work, down to the last detail. You also made me feel so good when you said to contact you anytime, even after everything was completed. I did contact you several times after everything was finished and again you took care of everything at no extra charge.

 I highly recommend Zisl Edelson to anyone who is looking for an excellent and caring elder law attorney.  

C.G., Chicago, Illinois