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1.  Make sure your loved ones have valid and updated finanical powers of attorney, specialized for Medicaid planning.   Online DIY forms are usually not sufficient.  

2. Don't rush to sell mom and dad's house or condo to pay for their care. Home ownership can be a fantastic way to protect family assets in connection with Medicaid planning. 

3. Don't let your parents make gifts and don't take gifts from them.  Gifts often cause a penalty period for Medicaid. 

4.  Fight to get 100 days of rehab covered by Medicare.  

The "improvement" standard is not legal. 

5.  Don't sign any nursing home contract before you have an attorney review the contract.


Please call me if your loved one is in rehab or in a nursing home.  

It's not too late to protect your assets and your home.  

Medicaid planning attorney helping to protect your home and assets from devistating nursing home costs. 

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