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Just as you would get a second opinion from a doctor, you may want to get a second opinion about your estate plan from another lawyer.  If your current attorney does not answer your questions, does not take the time to explain things and does not return your phone calls within 24 hours, give me a call.

Call Zisl Edelson at ph. 847-410-9131, for a second opinion. 


While giving second opinions, I have identified many serious problems for clients, including:


1.  Powers of Attorney that are not valid because they do not meet legal requirements of Illinois statutes.

2.  Wills that are not valid and that do not properly fund revocable trusts.

3.  Faulty Special Needs Trusts that do not comply with federal laws and would not pass muster with Medicaid. 

4.  Advising families with children with special needs better ways to save money for their child with special needs.

5. Saving a family thousands of dollars by  advising them that they didn't need to go through the expense of qualifying for Medicaid.

5.  Saving the typical client over $200,000 in nursing home costs, by helping them qualify their loved one for Medicaid. 

6.  Reviewing problems with a clients' trust , and helping the client save over $20,000 by making sure that trust assets were properly titled and funded. 

As a sole practitioner, I give every client personal attention and make it a point to return your phone calls and emails within 12-24 hours. For most matters, I charge a set flat rate, so clients are not surprised by large legal bills.  I take the time to listen.   I am happy to work closely with your trusted financial advisor and acountant. 

​​​​​​​​​​I make house calls and hospital visits!

I assist out-of-state family members with elderly and disabled loved ones who live in Skokie, Evanston, Rogers Park, Niles, Glenview, the Northside and Northern suburbs of Chicago. 

I help families dealing with health emergencies.

You are not alone.  Please call if your loved one is facing a health crisis, is in the hospital or in rehab. 

I also do general estate planning for couples with children, singles and families of all kinds.  Please call if you have had a major life change, such as divorce or loss of a spouse, or if you are finally ready to stop procrastinating and get your estate plan in order.  

I am respectful of the cultural and religious backgrounds of every client and family that I have the honor of working with. ​ 

Contact Zisl Edelson, attorney, ph. 847-410-9131, for a free 15 minute phone consultation. 




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Is your loved one in the hospital or rehab, and facing a health crisis? ​​I help families navigate through the stress of illness and disability, minimize the costs of long-term care and protect assets.  I help families connect with the best geriatric care managers, medical and finanical professionals, to be sure they are getting all of the assistance they need.   I help families chart a financial path to maximize funds to care for elderly parents, spouses, and for disabled children through individualized estate, special needs and Medicaid planning. 

If you have children, you need a Will to protect your spouse and children.   If you die without a Will, your spouse may inherit as little as 1/3  of your estate and your children's inheritance will likely be tied up in expensive  and time-consuming probate and guardianship proceedings.  I recomment Trusts to clients who want to avoid probate and protect assets for future generations. ​ Your estate plan should be updated in the event of any major life changes such as divorce, loss of a spouse, and change of financial circumstances. 

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